Palm Springs Wings Chapter 1116

Palm Springs, Bermuda Dunes, Thermal, Big Bear, CA

November Chapter Newsletter





NOTICE:  The scheduled meeting at Marty Davidows home has been

Postponed to a later date. The next General Meeting will be at

The Thermal Pilots Lounge, November 18, 2017 at 9:00 am



These guys are solving the world’s problems

President’s Message:

Report from elections committee at board meeting indicated the following candidates: Nels Carlson president, John Stevens Vice president, Dan Terzian Treasure, Arlene as Eagle Flight Chairperson & coordinator, Doug Hay to continue with providing badges and Club apparel (T shirts etc.). Committee looking for members to step up and show interest in Clubs needs for helpers and leaders. Open positions at this time are: Secretary, Hangar Rash publisher (chapter’s newsletter), Flight Planner & coordinator, Safety officer, Program and events coordinator (includes fund raisers, program speakers & events other than Young Eagle and Eagle flight). As indicated in board meeting minutes we agreed to accept Roger Wards offer to accept Chairperson of the chapters EAA Young Eagle Flights, with the understanding Carlos Bojorquez be the coordinator. Carlos will become a member of the chapter which is a requirement, it will be great to have a youthful member and hopefully provide other youths to be active members.

A future project discussed, at board meeting, securing a chapter hangar facility. Many options open, Sheriffs facility, Lease Hangar, purchase land and construct. This is not new as the majority of chapter funds were originally donated for that purpose. Well keep the membership informed and any member with ideas concerning securing funds, sites etc. would be appreciated.


We need aircraft from members for the Eagle and young Eagle flights as well as planned excursions with members and 99's group. 99's in the past request to be included in flight activities which I'm Trying to provide for the 5-6 active members. This has to be an important step for member fun and enjoyment.  Hopefully the new flight coordinator will be able to accommodate this need.


This coming week end starting Friday I'll be an official timer for the 99's air race at Borrego Springs.

Looking forward to the event and being part of flying. Airplanes and flying are our passions and we have to find a way to provide our membership and the 99's the opportunity to experience flight.


The Xmas party planning continues and your response to who is attending is needed. In addition number of your guests and your planned donate dish for the event. This is a joint event with the local 99's. The date is December 16th, 11 AM till 2 PM. John Kamburoff's Hangar is being provided for the event. When possible email me your information. We will have turkey and ham supplied by chapter as well as rental of chairs, tables, dishes, glasses, utensils, linen table cloths and napkins. They set up on Saturday and remove after our event. No clean up necessary except you own dish, please provide your own serving spoon or knife etc. Thanks in advance.


Not all of us have the time (still working) to be fully active in the chapter’s affairs, however there are positions and jobs in need of help. Your personal involvement is needed. Help in the membership must

be available for any event or task, so, which are you?  helper or a leader!


My personal experience, approximately 3 plus years ago I joined the chapter and found myself to be appointed vice president due to a vacancy. I was and am retired, so after the year as VP president Dug Hay's two year term expired as president and again I was appointed president for a two year term. This year’s term is ending soon and the committee requested my continuance as President. I agreed lacking any ones interest for the position. The job takes considerable effort which I have the time to do. It's been an honor and a privilege to represent our chapter. I promise to provide my leader ship and except your suggestions and the boards direction. Our goal should be promoting aviation interests as well as informative, interesting presentations for our meetings and events. This in my view would promote more interest and participation as well as membership growth.

Signing off, be safe! President, Nels Carlson

Minutes for EAA Chapter 1116 Board of Directors Meeting

November 2, 2017

Nels announced that Marty Davidow is having a medical problem and will not be available in the immediate future. The special meeting at Marty’s house has been postponed. The next General Meeting will be at the Pilots Lounge as usual – November 18, 2017

A.  Opening: President Nels Carlson called the Meeting to Order at 6:04 pm

     1. Introduction of members, sign-in sheet passed around. 6 members present.

     2.  Bert Ayers read the Minutes for October 6, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting.

          Minutes approved as corrected.

     3.  Financial Report. Treasurer Marty Davidow not present. Nels Carlson gave a report          

          for Marty. Long discussion. Dan Terzian present as new Treasurer for next year.

          Dan proposed collecting all membership dues as of January 1st. A compensation will

          be made for those who paid dues in mid-year. Proposal passed.

B.  Old Business:

      1.  Nels read a report from Sid Burks concerning the Air Academy and Boy Scout

           Programs. Sid noted that three more boys earned their Merit Badge from their

           participation from our program.

      2.  Arlene Wohlgemuth reported on the Eagle Flight program. A future flight is

           planned for January 13, 2018 – second Saturday in January. 5 pilots and airplanes

           are needed.  Snow Birds needed to participate.

         Arlene also gave a short briefing about the Havasu 600 Air Race.

      3.  Nels reported on the status of the Sheriff’s Hangar. Long discussion followed.

           Ways to generate income to purchase a Chapter Hangar. Arlene will research

           The Berger Foundation land agreements and legality in use of present hangar.

     4.  Old Business from the floor – no old business.

C.  New Business: 

     1.  Lengthy discussion about Young Eagle Chairperson. Appointing Carlos

           Bojorques as Young Eagle coordinator was proposed. It was agreed that

            Roger Ward would be Chairperson, but Carlos would be actual coordinator.

            Carlos must join the Chapter and attend a Board Meeting for discussions.

     2.  A possible Young Eagle Flight on January 20, 2018, after the General Meeting

          was discussed. A need for fast coordination is needed. Nels has a list of names.

     3.  A short discussion about a program for the November General Meeting. Doug

          Hay may have EAA Video presentations.

      4.  Bert reported on the Nomination Committee’s attempt to find Officer’s for next

           year. The position of Secretary is still in need of a volunteer.

      5.  Nels lead a discussion about the Christmas Party. Most important is a head count

           of those attending.  It was agreed that a small Ham together with Turkey Breasts

           will be offered. Each attendee will bring whatever they like as a side dish. Traffic

           control and parking area is a problem area.

     6.  New Business from the floor – no new business.


     1. Next General Meeting is November 18, 2017, 9:00 am at the Thermal Pilots Lounge

     2.  Next Board of Directors Meeting is December 7, 2017, 6:00 pm at Coco’s

     3.  Motion to adjourn: 8:04 pm


Welcome to our new member – Kurt Languirand – call it “Longeron”


Nominations for 2018 Chapter Officers – We need the membership to step up and volunteer to fill some of these positions. Chapter operations are only as good as you make them.

Class I Officers:

      President: Nels Carlson

      Vice-President: John Stevens

      Secretary: no nominations – please volunteer

      Treasurer: Dan Terzian

Class II Chairpersons:

     Air Academy and Boy Scout Merit Badge: Sid Burks

     Young Eagle Flight – Roger Ward – Carlos Bojorquez, coordinator

     Eagle Flight -  Arlene Wohlgemuth

     Newsletter Editor – no nominations – please volunteer

     Webmaster – no nominations – please volunteer

      Programs/Activities – no nominations – please volunteer

Eagle Flight/Bar-B-Que – October 14, 2017 – Thanks to Arlene Wohlgemuth and Marty Davidow for organizing the flights and to Doug Hay for the excellent Bar-B-Que. The Pilots were: Dr. Bill Page, John Broyles and Arlene Wohlgemuth.


Thanks to Dr. John McCarthy, meteorologist, for the excellent presentation about “Micro Bursts” in aviation. At the last General Meeting.


Congratulations to Arlene Wohlgemuth and Hanna Fowler for entering the HAVASU 600 air

Race, sponsored by the Rio Colorado 99s Chapter. The race will start on November 10, 2017.

Our members will be at Borrego Springs airport as timers when the group arrives for the night.

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