Palm Springs Wings Chapter 1116

Palm Springs, Bermuda Dunes, Thermal, Big Bear, CA

June Chapter General Meeting Agenda


EAA Chapter 1116 General meeting

June 16th,  2018 at 9 AM

Pilots Lounge Thermal Aviation Building B

Jacqueline Cochran Airport

Welcome to our monthly meeting, coffee and donuts

 served  from 8:45

A. Opening- Nels Carlson President 9:15 AM

          1. Members and guests sign in sheet, New member and guest intro.

          2. Member Announcements.

          3. Secretary, Tommy Archuletta, minutes last meeting:

          4. Treasures, Dan Terzian's report, CD $ 15,274.27, checking $

               Note: CD redeposited for 12 months with due date 06/03/19 @ .90%

B. Old and New Business.

            1.Board Directors Report: President Nels stated, considerable conversation and         discussion concerning EAA Insurance requirements, the approved and           unapproved activities. Dan to contact EAA for more up-dated  clarifications

of coverage's.

          2.  EAA Young Eagle Flights, Chair person,Arlene unavailable, off on the          woman's air-race. Our best to her and her efforts to finish. Discuss future

           flights schedules and planed  event on October  27th.

          3. Discussion  on proposed Social November 3rd.

          4. Discussion on future Hangar facility for meetings events and shop for aircraft           construction and maintenance.

          5.   New and old business  from membership, Questions, Reports &  Announcements.

          6. Discuss reimbursement for coffee and donuts. Individual persons have been covering          these costs for ever. Chapter or members pay for the privilege. ( $1.50) plus or       minus, or a $15 dollar tax deductible donation for season.

          7.  Doug Hay to discuss Air show October 20th  at Lake Riverside Estates Pilot Association. Same date as our general meeting. Fly out after meeting?

              aircraft  available? Members interested?         

                      C, Programs:

            1. Doug Hay, EAA  DVD presentation.

  D. Miscellaneous:   

           1.  This is the last meeting of our season, so have a great July and August            Summer, see you in September

           2. Next Board meeting  Thursday September 6th, 2018 @ 6 PM at Coco's Palm           Desert. Next general meeting September 15th at Pilot Lounge Thermal Aviation.

           3.  Doug Hay now handles Badges and Logo shirts, contact him for any of                                your needs.   Be safe in every way! Pres. Nels C

           4. Motion to adjourn.





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